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My goal is to help you to feel comfortable while you explore valid and viable health care options. Although Traditional Chinese Medicine is the oldest literate medicine in the world, it may be new to you.

Knowledge is power

Knowing about a solution that will succeed where others have failed is truly important. Whether it saves a limb, ends paralysis or a lifetime of migraine headaches or improves countless other health issues, it is of paramount importance that you realize there are alternatives to western medicine.

Your health care is important

The word "care" is critical here. In my office, you'll be treated exactly as I would care for a member of my own family. Each person gets my full attention. Your relaxation, comfort and results are my priority. I explain the holistic approach in the health care you receive in my office so you can make comfortable and educated health care decisions.

Please feel free to contact me if you have other questions or concerns.

Principles and concepts

Acupuncture is a part of a complete system of medicine known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).The main premise of TCM is balance. So the concept is slightly different from that of an allopathic physician (MD). Instead of fighting disease, we stimulate your body to promote health. (read more)

Dr. Kerry Abaco,
octor of Oriental Medicine strives to provide gentle, safe and effective therapies to restore and/or to mantain optimal health. His qualifications include both state and national certification by the National Comission for Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He graduated in 1997 from The National Institute of Oriental Medicine in Orlando Florida (now the Florida College of Integrative Medicine), one of the top TCM schools in Florida, where both allopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine are taught. Under the guidance of Dr Brad Miller, Kerry Abaco completed a six month internship in allopathic medicine.

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